Frequent questions

Check-in is from 12.30 pm. If you arrive earlier, we will take care of your luggage.
Check-out is usually until 11.00. Please, ask if you want to go out later, to check availability.

All of them are non-smoking.

Most of the rooms are in the ground floor. Only 3 rooms are available at the first floor by the stairs.

All the rooms are individually air conditioned.
Yes and it is free for five cars only. We do not take reservations for parking but if you don´t park the car in our facilities, you can leave in front of the hotel. This is a very quiet town and it will be as safe as in the parking.
We do have internet service at the rooms and the lobby plus a modern computer at the lobby available at your request.
Tell us your preferences and we will make every effort to make your stay as pleasant and personalized as possible.